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Whether you’re searching for the perfect workout, or you already know what you love, our classes are great for community, accountability, and challenging yourself. Offering more than 40 classes each week, we’re sure to have something that fits into your schedule. Claim your free pass and check out our classes today.

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Improve your flexibility and strength with our Barre classes.


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Perfect as either a supplement to other training or as your central workout, Pilates simultaneously strengthens and stretches your muscles. Protect yourself from injury and get stronger with us.

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Start your day right or unwind after work in one of our calming, rejuvenating yoga classes.


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Build your cardiovascular endurance while preserving your joints in a high-energy, fun environment.


Why should you try a class? There are so many reasons. Class fitness can prevent you from becoming demotivated, lonely, and even injured. It helps you push yourself further than you would on your own. Our experts guide you to greater strength in an upbeat, welcoming environment, making sure your form is great so you don’t suffer injury. Most importantly, they make you feel at home. We want our class schedule to feel like a playground where you can try different formats and routines to fit your mood and needs.

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