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One of the best ways to ensure you reach your fitness goals is to be accountable to someone for your actions. In addition, having someone design a personal fitness program for you is important as well.

Stone's Gym in Houston offers small group training classes for those looking to improve and hasten their fitness results. You can have individual attention, work out with friends, and have accountability partners who will keep you on the right course. Contact our fitness center today to get started!


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  • More personal attention

  • Work out with a few friends

  • More motivated

  • Held accountable

  • Receive encouragement

  • Receive support

  • Variety to your workouts

  • More economical

  • Fun!



Stone's Gym in Houston is a welcoming fitness club that strives to help our members meet their fitness goals. While everyone's fitness journey looks different, we aim to meet you right where you are and to offer just what you need to take your fitness to the next level, including small group training classes. There are so many benefits of small group training in Houston that we'd like to review some of them below. Contact us today for your free seven-day fitness pass!

More Personal Attention

One of the major benefits of small group training is receiving more personal attention. This is important in not only having your personal trainer understand your particular needs and fitness goals, but also in having your form corrected and in keeping you safe at all times.

Motivation and Support

When you have a small group of people who are working towards a common goal, you will have the support and the motivation around you to succeed. After all, when you have an appointment with your small group trainer at 6 am, it's a lot easier to get up and make it to the gym. Once you get there, you'll be greeted enthusiastically and worked hard, so that you can meet your fitness goals.

Varied Workouts

One of the common struggles many people face when beginning a fitness routine or when trying to keep one going is variety. Many people who work out by themselves end up doing the same workout routine, which is probably not helping them to change. When you partner with a small group trainer, you'll see a different workout every session that is carefully crafted to help you work all the muscles of your body for the week and that will help you meet your fitness goals — all without having to think about it!

You'll Have Fun!

While dragging yourself to the gym early in the morning or after a long day at work may not be fun, once you work out with your friends, you'll experience endorphins released commonly known as "runner's high." Not only will these help you feel better about yourself, but you'll feel better about yourself from accomplishing your goals. You'll leave with a smile on your face, which is our goal for you every time!


Small group training is only one of the dozens of services we offer our members. We are passionate about helping you reach your fitness goals, which is why we offer so many different fitness offerings, from yoga to recovery. Our staff is 100% committed to supporting you and helping you feel a part of our community. We sincerely appreciate and value all of our members and see you as part of our family. We hope you feel the same way. Stop by to see what we're all about today!