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Pilates was born out of the idea of the classic Greek ideal human who was balanced in body, mind, and spirit. Joseph Pilates, inspired by this concept, took this idea and ran with it, creating Pilates in the process.

Stone's Gym is a fitness center in Houston dedicated to helping you find your balance. We offer many different types of exercise, such as group fitness classes, yoga, and personal training, as well as our state-of-the-art fitness equipment to allow you to find your balance with exercise. Each of us is created differently, so what works for one person may not work for another. At our gym in Houston, you can rest assured we'll help you find your balance with fitness. Stop by, and try our Houston gym for free today!


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  • Conditions your core

  • Improves alignment & posture

  • Improves your range of motion & flexibility

  • Adds overall strength & muscle tone

  • Is a low-impact exercise

  • Helps boost your mental health & focus

  • Improves your sports performance

  • Improves your blood circulation

  • And so much more!



After his time refining his technique during World War I, Joseph Pilates moved to New York City and opened a fitness studio, teaching his new fitness routine. His method caught on slowly, but dancers and ballerinas flocked to his studio to enhance their performance routines. Interestingly, when he died he left no will and no plans for Pilates. Thus, Pilates survived by his students opening their own studios, until it finally caught on by the late 1980s. today, over 10 million Americans practice Pilates, and it only continues to grow.

Our Pilates instructors at Stone's Gym in Houston have years of experience teaching Pilates to students. This popular group fitness class is offered at many different times during the week to accommodate your schedule. Since we offer a free trial, you can most definitely try out a Pilates class, as well as all of our other fitness classes, equipment, and amenities. We offer different levels of gym membership in Houston so you can choose which works for you. We understand that no one wants to pay for what they don't use, which is why our gym membership plans offer flexible pricing and attendance. Discover what makes our gym in Houston a cut above the rest. Get your free pass today!