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Welcome to Stone's Gym!

Welcome to Stone's Gym! We are super excited that you have found your way to our website and to this introductory post. We are a Houston-area fitness center that strives to be a welcoming place for all fitness levels, whether you're coming off the couch or you train for competitions.

Our mission is to help you elevate your fitness level. We offer a free pass for you to try out some of our wonderful fitness classes and check out our world-class equipment. From free weights to pull-up bars, a cycle room, and TRX equipment, we have everything you need to help you reach your fitness goals. Below, we'll highlight just a few of the items that sets our fitness center in Houston apart from the rest. Contact us today to learn more!


Our Community

Stone's Gym works hard to ensure you feel welcome and comfortable at our fitness club. From the moment you walk through the door, you are greeted with a smile. All of our staff are more than happy to answer questions and to point you in the right direction. We sponsor gym events to help bring our community together to get to know one another. Most egos are checked at the door, so whether it's your first time or your one millionth time walking through our door, you are in an inviting environment.

Our Nutrition Services

Nutrition is an important part of your fitness goals, whether you are trying to lose weight or put on muscle mass. Our nutrition specialists are here to help you with meal plans, nutrition advice, how to combine food and working out, supplements, and more. With years of experience helping people get fit and healthy, our nutrition services won't let you down.

Our Recovery Support

How you recover is just as important as how hard you work out. Our recovery support team will help you recover properly and safely. We can teach you stretches, offer our HydroMassage, a steam room, sauna, and more. Staying limber and flexible will help you become a better athlete and fend off injury.

Our World-Class Facility

Our elite training center has all of the tools you will need to reach your fitness goals, whether you are interested in personal training, our group fitness classes, or doing your own thing. We have invested in the latest equipment for your use and have plenty of space for our members. Our group fitness classes include pilates, yoga, barre, HITT, and cycle. We believe in variety and mixing up your training in order to get the best results. If you are looking for something in particular, odds are, we have it.


Stone's Gym in Houston makes your fitness center decision easy. We offer a free seven-day fitness pass, so you can try out our health club at your leisure. Sign up for a fitness class, try our free weight room, or just relax and recover. Stop by to learn more today, and welcome to our family!